Family Bible Digitization Project

Family bibles often contain information about family events including births, deaths, and marriages. We are working to preserve important family information written in family bibles by photographing the pages with this information and then transcribing the information to be put online for the benefit of genealogical research.

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Obituaries are a key source of information in family history research. We are working to make this information more readly available to researchers. We welcome any contributions to our collection, simply go to our contributions page and fill out the Obituary Contribution Form.

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Smyth County School Census Transcription

SCGS has finished transcribing the Smyth County School census records for 1885, 1910, and 1915. You can download the transcription in Microsoft Excel format by clicking the links below.

1885    1910    1915

 Mt. Olivet Free Will Baptist Church

These files including minutes, photos, and other information were contributed by Mary Blevins

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Town of Marion Records

SCGS in the process of photographing and transcribing records held by the Town of Marion. Approximately half of the Town Council Minutes have been photographed and transcription has started. Photographs of Book Number 2 (1888 through 1890) are can be viewed on the Town of Marion Minutes Page.

The Round Hill Cemetery Burial Records are complete; the transcription of the Records of Burial book as well as the burial cards are now available on the Round Hill Cemetary Page.

Photograph Collection

SCGS is collecting photographs that can be valuable for family history research. You can view the photograph collection by going to the Photo Gallery.